How to Split PDF into Single Pages and Merge Some Back Together

Being a critical document for personal and business use, a PDF must be manipulated from time to time. This manipulation can involve splitting, merging, and deleting pages from a document. This article will show you how to split a PDF file into single pages using In addition, it will teach you how to merge back the pages together using the same application.

About a PDF File

A PDF file is a universally accepted document. It is used for both personal and professional use. In particular, businesses and people involved in finance love to use this document to present information. Within this document, you can add several elements. These elements include:

  • Text;
  • Images;
  • Multimedia.

Since the creation of PDF, it has undergone several evolutions to get to its current state. This document’s ability to present information similar to a physical file is the reason why this document is preferred by most users. Plus, you can easily print this file without needing to format it.

Other Advantages of a PDF File

Apart from the advantages mentioned earlier, there are several other benefits of a PDF document. These advantages are highlighted below.

  • A PDF file can contain vector graphics, interactive fields, buttons, and hyperlinks. Therefore, this document is ideal for professionals in the construction and graphics design industry.
  • This file is easy to develop, read and make use of.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems.
  • In terms of security, this file is one of the most secure. You can also add additional security measures to further secure the file. Examples of such security features include digital signatures, passwords, and watermarks.
  • Once created, you can compress a PDF file to a small size. Doing this makes it ideal for storing a large amount of information. The best part is the quality of the information stored does not decree.

Splitting and Merging a PDF File

The process of splitting a PDF file into single pages can be done using The same platform can be used to merge the split pages. To begin the splitting process, you will want to select the “Split PDF to Single Pages” on the homepage.

Clicking on this option allows you to upload the document you want to split into pages.

The PDF will appear as shown below after uploading it. Split PDF

Looking at the snapshot above, you can select the pages you want to split. Clicking on “Split and Save” splits the document into individual files and downloads them. The individual files will appear in a zipped folder.

After unzipping the folder, you can select “Merge PDF Files” from the homepage.

When you click on this option, you will have the chance to upload individual files. Merge PDF

After uploading the number of files you want to merge, you will click on the “Merge and Save PDF” option. Doing this combines the individual files and downloads a single file that is the same as the original PDF file.

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