What PDF Tools Digitally Transform Financial Sector

Technological tools have changed many things. In particular, these tools have altered the landscape of business and how companies operate. One of the most impactful technologies is PDF. This document gave businesses a simple and effective way of presenting and recording financial information. Therefore, most enterprises use this file for one type of use or another.

On the other side, PDF documents are not used without tools. Hence, there are now several PDF tools that have completely transformed the financial sector. This article presents some of the functionalities.

PDF Tools

Different PDF applications offer varying functionalities. Businesses use each software for separate actions. As a result, internal workflows have improved. In addition, the use of paper and printing supplies has drastically reduced. Discussed below are some of these applications.

Data Extraction

The ability to extract data from a document is mostly done by PDF tools. Such applications can extract information from a PDF file into other file formats. Once done, financial analysis can be conducted successfully as always.

Text Recognition

There are various text recognition apps to choose from. You can use these applications to convert paper records into PDF and other editable files. For these reasons, physical financial records like invoices and receipts can easily be converted into PDFs.

Data Protection

You can use PDF apps to protect PDF files. The process of protecting this document can be done in several ways. In most cases, password protection can be used to secure files. On the other hand, advanced encryption can offer a higher degree of protection. A watermark can also be used to protect PDF files.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures have changed how business is conducted. Several tools allow you to append electronic and digital signatures on PDF files. As a result, documents with such signatures can be used for contracts.

Page Manipulation

Depending on the circumstances, the pages of PDF documents may need to be manipulated. This manipulation comes in the form of page:

  • Deletion;
  • Merging;
  • Splitting.

There are several applications you can use to achieve these operations. PDFLite.co is an example of such software that lets you do all these operations.

Using PDFLite.co

PDFLite.co is one of the best PDF tools ideal for use in the financial sector. It is 100% free to use. Plus, you do not require to sign up or subscribe to access this service. As a business, you can conduct 9 different operations involving PDF documents. These processes are:

When you use the services of PDFLite.co, you do not have to worry about the privacy of your personal information. As a result, all the personal information that you upload to this document is in safe hands. You can also access the services offered directly from your browsers via the free Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome plugins.

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