How to Become a Minimalist Remote Worker

Due to changes around the work environment, remote work has become a thing. Now more than ever, most businesses and organizations are willing to allow their workers to work remotely. As a result, many businesses are saving money required for office space, furniture, and equipment. On the other hand, workers are at liberty to work from any location, especially at home, which can increase productivity. Despite the comfort of working from home, it can be overwhelming. If you are not used to working remotely, you can end up cluttering your workspace. Therefore, knowing how to organize your workspace is critical to effective workflow. With these effective methods, you can easily become a minimalist remote worker.

Digitize Your Documents

The quickest way to clutter your workspace is to keep paper. Most communications come in the form of letters, notes, records, and much more. Additionally, many of these documents are too important to throw away. But you can quickly scan and keep records of such documents. By making and keeping electronic copies of most records, you can find a document when you need it. Likewise, you do not need to invest money in buying filing cabinets. Also, if a paper is not essential, you can easily throw it away. Ultimately, your working environment becomes cleaner and more organized.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

Whenever you decide to work remotely, you should endeavor to make your workspace comfortable. Creating a comfy workspace involves selecting a quiet environment. As you know, if you want work done, you must avoid noisy surroundings. So, if the location does not have adequate natural lighting, make sure you install adequate artificial lights. More importantly, you must have a good table and an excellent chair. A comfortable chair can help you get work done. However, you would not want your workspace to be too comfortable. Therefore, you should not go overboard by turning it into a living area.

Choose the Right Color for Your Workspace

It is a known fact that the color of your environment affects your mental state. This knowledge is the reason why hospitals and other public buildings are painted with specific colors. Therefore, you will want to select light colors that create a soft and comfortable working environment. Do not paint your home office room with colors that will distract you or make you uncomfortable.

Include the Right Devices

When you work from home, you can take advantage of using several devices. Therefore, you can create an effective ecosystem that lets you work better. So, in moments of less workload, you may want to take a short walk around your house. You can use your mobile devices to keep in touch with coworkers and receive emails. Likewise, you can take calls and long conference calls in your front yard. Your ability to include a mobile device into your work structure can let you cool off from the strain of looking at the computer screen for hours.

Use High-quality Software

In some sense, working from home means you are working in isolation. Although you may be connected to coworkers via the internet, you do not get the same physical connection as a conventional office. Consequently, you will want to have quality support. The best support you can have remotely is investing in high-quality software. You will need to purchase an effective file management application. Such software can help easily track files without difficulty. You will also want to purchase document manipulation software. These types of applications will help you prepare documents by merging, splitting, and extracting pages. In most cases, such software will let you sign and secure documents before sending.

Get an Effective Calendar

Having a calendar is crucial to managing your time and day. It makes time-saving a reality. However, not all calendars are the same. A bad scheduler can mess up your work ethic. Therefore, you will need to get a decent calendar. Make sure the calendar you use is available across all your devices. In such a circumstance, you can easily synchronize each event across all your devices.

Get a Workflow Application

When working remotely, being organized is extremely crucial. One of the best tools that you can use to organize your work is a workflow application. There are hundreds of workflow applications in the market. If a company adopts a workflow platform, that makes everything easier. If you are self-employed, then you will want to get an application that works best for you. You will want to check all the features before making a purchase. Most workflow platforms will let you try out the software before purchase. So, make sure you try a few before choosing the best. Another advantage of you’re workflow application is that it will reduce the number of applications you will have to use. Plus, many workflow applications let you integrate other apps. Doing this can reduce your need to jump from one software to another.

Introduce Plants into Your Workspace

Having plants indoors helps create a claiming environment. Many studies show that plants can improve job satisfaction and mood. It can also reduce the formality of working.

Create Boundaries

Just because you are working remotely does not mean you have to work all the time. You should have a specific time for work and another for your life. If you do not demarcate work from life, you will end up blurring the lines. You will work when you are supposed to be resting. Eventually, you will end up burning out. On the flip side, you would not want to get too comfortable with life and forget about work.


Becoming a minimalist remote worker is pretty easy. The first step you have to take is digitizing all your documents. You will want to create a comfortable working environment with the right paint. Include high-quality applications and devices into your work system. Have a working calendar to stay organized. Ensure you have workflow software to work with. Finally, create boundaries and include plants in your workspace to create a comfortable working environment.

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