How to Hire Generation Z – What Do They Want from Employers?

Generation Z is the latest demographic to join employee ranks. This age group was born between 1997 and 2012, and they don’t know what life is without smartphones, computers, and the internet. And you have to take that into account if you want to hire the best talent from Generation Z. So how exactly do you go about hiring Generation Z employees? Read on to discover more.

What Gen Z Expects From Potential Employers

Ask Your Current Employees for Referrals

Over 60% of Gen Z job seekers say they prefer to get job referrals from their current or previous employees. Unlike hiring agencies, they believe current or former workers can give them the best picture of potential employers. Having been born and raised in a digital age, they are already used to user reviews. And in the case of employers, workers tend to be best placed to give what is equivalent to a trusted user review.

Take Advantage of On-campus Career Fairs

Unlike millennials, Gen Z job seekers rank on-campus career centers twice as highly as their favorite job sources. You need to start recruiting from on-campus career fairs. And even when you aren’t hiring immediately, campus career centers offer you an excellent opportunity to connect with talented students. That will then make it easy to connect and hire them in the future.

Make Meaningful Connections with Potential Employees

You should connect with students studying courses in your industry as much as possible. To do that, you should use your online presence to offer career advice to potential candidates. For instance, you can educate them about the types of skills you need now, and possibly in the future.

Strive to Give the Best Employee Experience

The way to treat your current employees and even interviewees have an impact on the way employees view your brand. When hiring Gen Z, give them an accurate representation of the work environment and benefits they will get. Focus on the benefits that matter most for your employees. This will help you lower your employee turnover, which is less than three years for Gen Z.

Hire Gen Z Swiftly

Gen Z is used to seeing things happen fast. They can’t wait for snail mail. You need to keep them updated throughout the recruitment process. If they are in the advanced stage of getting hired let them know. If you believe they aren’t a good fit for the current position, let them know immediately. Over 17% of Gen say that they expect to receive a job within a week of doing an interview.

Use a Multi-channel Approach

Gen Z still thinks email is the best way to communicate with employers. However, they still expect you to use other digital communication channels. These include your official chat groups, phone calls, and instant messages. Also, try offering remote job opportunities if available.

Connect Face-to-Face with Job Seekers

Gen Z still values face-to-face communication, with over 51% saying they prefer it to say an email. However, for them, face-to-face communication doesn’t mean meeting in person only. It can also be as simple as having a video call or conference. Additionally, provide all available remote tools available.

Conclusion - How to Hire Gen Z

Overall, Gen Z expects potential good employers to be highly trusted by their current and former employees. And they also expect employers to start meaningful connections before making job offers.

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