How to Add Page Numbers to PDF using

The development of PDF documents has changed how information is presented. Since its inception, people have gradually depended on it to store and send data. Now, it is considered amongst the most widely used documents globally. Like any document, a proper file usually has page numbers. Having page numbers on a document lets you reference information with relative ease. However, not all documents come with page numbers. Yet, you can use an application to number a document. You can use to insert page numbers into a PDF file. In addition, this software lets you perform various other operations such as document conversion, protection, and PDF merging. You can use all these functions for free. Also, it is accessible through a browser plugin.

Here’s a new app from! This application can add page numbers to PDF hasle-free right inside your browser. In a few clicks, you can update your PDF file with page numbers.

About Page Numbering and PDF

A number can be described as a group of mathematical objects used for counting. They give an individual the ability to keep track of things using figures. Initially, page numbers were not created with the reader in mind. Instead, the people that produce books used numbering to keep track of the sequence of pages. As time passed, the use of numbering transformed into what it is today. Now, books and documents are numbered primarily to help the reader. Nonetheless, numbering still helps the writer organize their thoughts.

A typical PDF file contains different types of information. It can contain text, pictures, videos, gifs, tables, links, and other forms of data. Using the, you are able to insert page numbers onto any PDF file quickly.

Adding Page Numbers on PDF Files

The first thing you need to do is visit the page. Once you are there, you will see several options to choose from. The snapshot of the landing page is shown below.

Add Page Numbers to PDF Online

Selecting either of the highlighted options from the picture above allows you to upload the document you want to work on.

How to Add Page Numbers to PDF Online

From the picture above, clicking the select file lets you upload a PDF file. Once uploaded, you can see the file as shown below.

Add Page Numbers to PDF Free

From the picture above, you have several options to consider. You can select the pages you want to number. In addition, you can choose the page numbering formatting options. These options include:

  • Starting page number;
  • Position on the page;
  • Font size, type, color, and resolution.

Clicking Process and Save inserts the page number, saves the document, and downloads it to your computer.

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