OCR Explained, Why You Need it

OCR stands for optical character recognition. This technology has gained significant traction due to its numerous potentials. You can use OCR when you intend to differentiate between handwritten and printed characters or numbers on digital pictures. These types of images include scanned documents and pictures that contain text.

In basic terms, OCR technology helps you read and convert handwritten and printed text into a machine-recognizable format. Therefore, OCR technology performs text recognition tasks. This text recognition process is carried out with the help of software and hardware. These technologies work together to generate machine-recognizable text from physical images and documents. In particular, many OCR technologies operate using artificial intelligence, which makes the entire text recognition process more efficient.

With the help of OCR technology, you can create a digital copy of any document. You are also able to edit the document as you require.

How OCR Works

There are several steps involved in the work of an OCR system. Below are the processes involved.

Uses of OCR

OCR has several uses in today’s world. Some of the most popular uses are highlighted below.

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