Protect PDF using

With the help of, a user can perform several types of operations on a PDF file. In particular, a user is able to protect their PDF file using this application. To access the tools of this platform, no subscription is required. It also has a plugin that makes it more accessible.

About PDF and Protecting a PDF File

A PDF file is a form of document that is extensively used in today’s digital world. Almost all works of life use PDF for one form of activity or another. People and organizations prefer to use a PDF documents over other files like word document due to its features. Some of the features of a PDF file are highlighted below.

  • It works on all devices and is quite reliable.
  • It is secure and allows for digital and electronic signatures.
  • The document is accessible and searchable.
  • Encryption can be used on a PDF file.

To protect your business, you will need to secure your communication. In general, security can be added to a PDF file in several ways. The first method is to include a password, which limits access to certain features. Secondly, pages can be converted to images to prevent direct copying. Alternately, a watermark can be written to also limit copying.

Protecting a PDF

The first step of protecting a PDF is to visit the website. Once there, a user will see many options, and just click at Protect PDF. Once clicked, the option to upload comes up. The snapshot is shown below.

Protect PDF Online

By clicking ‘Select File,’ a user can upload the PDF to be protected. The uploaded PDF is seen below.

Protect PDF Free Online

From the option, a user is given several options to work with. The first option protects the document by converting text into images. The second option protects the file by adding a watermark text. A user can type in the text or use the default text. Also, an individual can select the pages to be protected. Clicking on ‘Protect and Save’ begins the protection process. Once completed, the document is automatically downloaded.

Protect PDF Online Free

The watermark of the protected PDF can be seen from the image above.

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