Split PDF Files using PDFlite.co

Splitting a PDF document into two PDF files can be done using PDFlite.co. This webpage not only splits PDF documents into two files but also performs several other operations on a PDF file. Other forms of operations a user can use PDFlite.co to perform are merging documents, signing and filing a PDF document, and much more. The best part of using this website is that a user does not have to pay any money to use it. Also, a plugin is available to ease use on a browser.

PDF Documents and Splitting Files

A PDF file is defined as a portable document format. Since its development, the PDF file has slowly developed into what it is today. Now, this document is used for a variety of use due to its versatility. It can store text, images, tables, and many different forms of multimedia.

Typically, a PDF file is composed of several pages. In some instances, a user may want to split such a document into two documents. Splitting a PDF file into two documents divides information into two smaller files. This ability is particularly helpful, especially in the financial sector.

Splitting PDF Documents

With the help of PDFlite.co, a user can split a PDF document into a different PDF file. To begin the process, an individual can access the website. The homepage of the website provides a user several options including the splitting option.

Clicking the option takes the user to where they can upload the PDF file to be split.

Split PDF Files

From this window, a user can upload the file to be split. Once uploaded, the file appears as seen below.

Split PDF Online

From the snapshot, a user is given a few options to work with. One such option is the ability to merge all parts. This option can be selected or deselected. To begin the split process, a user will click on the page they want to split from the document. Once the page is selected, the ‘Split and Save’ option can be clicked. Clicking this option automatically downloads the new split document onto the file.

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