TOP-10 PDF Tools for Remote Workers

Now more than ever, many businesses and organizations allow their workers to work from remote locations. As such, a lot of flexibility has been given to employees. Therefore, a worker needs to have several hardware and software tools when working remotely. In particular, workers require PDF tools as they handle PDF documents every day.

Below are the top-10 PDF tools for remote workers.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an exciting online PDF tool that is ideal for remote work. It allows users to view, share, and edit PDF files on any browser. In addition, it works with Gmail and Google Drive to allow access and provide storage to users. Therefore, workers in different locations can work on a single document.


This PDF tool is one of the best applications for remote work. Additionally, it has an integrated cloud service, which makes sharing PDF files easy. Like all other PDF tools, you can edit and transform PDF files using this application. You can access PDFelement for free or through a subscription.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF is one of the PDF tools that is recommended by Adobe. It is convenient and easy to use. It works well with other office suites like Microsoft Office and Google Suites. This tool has a free trial session that allows you to test it out. is a free yet powerful online PDF tool. You can perform several operations on a PDF file including, splitting, merging, signing, and much more. Unlike many PDF tools, this platform is intuitive and ideal for remote workers.

PDF Candy

This tool operates on a wide range of platforms and devices. You can access most of its features without paying. Therefore, you can perform processes on PDF files, which include page extraction and deletion. Similarly, you can convert PDF files to different file types.

PDF24 Creator

PDF23 Creator is perfect for remote workers that are looking to create PDF files on the go. Unlike many PDF creators, this platform gives several tools that will help you create a PDF document from scratch.


PDFSam is a PDF tool that mainly allows you to edit PDF documents. It is free to use. However, you only get access to a few features. These features include PDF splitting, merging, rotation, extraction, and much more.

Sejda PDF Editor

This platform is a reliable tool that works for any type of employee. It is also an excellent tool if you intend to edit PDF files. Additionally, you can perform several processes with Sejda PDF Editor.

PDF Architect

PDF Architect, as the name implies, is a well-structured application. It allows you to edit and transform PDF files. However, you will have to pay to access this service.


Inkscape is perfect for remote workers that constantly deal with graphics and infographics. It is free to use. Yet, you can perform several conventional transformations using this platform. In addition, it is compatible with most operating systems.

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