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An image can easily be converted into a PDF file using This platform helps a user to perform various other processes, which include PDF merging, PDF splitting, form filling, file signing, and much more. This website is free to use. It is also accessible using a plugin.

About Image and PDF

An image is a type of document that provides a snapshot of an object, a human being, or a document. It has different uses in today’s world. A digital image has several formats. Some of the formats of an image include JPEG (joint photographic experts group), TIFF (tagged image file format), BMP file format, and much more. All these types of images can be converted and sent via electronic means. Also, these types of images can be embedded in a PDF file.

On the other hand, a PDF is a document file commonly used to store information from within. A typical PDF document can carry different types of files in the form of multimedia. Additionally, a PDF can contain plain and formatted text. A PDF file is usually easy to make. Various applications can create this type of document page numbers if desired. A user can convert an image into a PDF file using the tools available on

Converting an Image to PDF

For an individual to convert an image to a PDF file, they must first access the website. Once on the webpage, you can see a visible option to select the action.

Selecting either of the options will allow a user the opportunity to upload the image to be converted into PDF. This can be seen below.

Image to PDF Online

From the image above, a user can upload the image(s) to be converted into a PDF file.

Image to PDF Free Online

Once added, a user has the option to rotate the images as they require. Also, more images can be included if required. Additionally, not all image formats can be used in the conversion. Therefore, an image may have to be converted into an acceptable format. To convert the image(s) into a PDF file, a user will click ‘Create And Save PDF.’ Doing this will automatically download the PDF file.

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