Merge PDF Files using

Merging PDF files into one single document is quite easy. This process can be done using This website is an online tool that lets a user perform different operations on PDF documents. Some of the operations that can be done using this website include conversion from PDF to other files, conversion from other files to PDF, and much more. A user can make use of without paying any fee. Additionally, a user can use the free plugins from this website on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Merging Files and PDF Files

A PDF document is one of the most popularly used files in the world. It is used by many people across different sectors. This document type presents information in a professional manner that allows users to access it easily. In general, a PDF contains one or more pages, which constitutes the document.

This structure allows users to merge and combine two or more PDF files into a single document. Merging multiple PDF documents into a file lets a user consolidate and compile information.

Merging PDF Files

Using, an individual can merge several PDF files to make a single document. To access this tool, a user will need to visit the website. The landing page of the website will give the user many options including the ‘Merge PDF files’.

From the two options, a user can access the merge PDF option. Once selected, the option below comes up.

Merge PDF Files

From the snapshot above, a user can go ahead and add as many PDF files as they want to merge.

Merge PDF Files Online

From the image above, a user can see all the uploaded PDF files. Before merging the files, a user can rotate the documents as required. Additionally, there is the option of removing or adding other PDF files to the merging process.

To begin the merging process, a user clicks ‘Merge and Save PDF.’ This option starts the merging process, which combines all the PDF documents uploaded. Once the merging process is completed, the merged document is automatically downloaded onto the file document of the computer.

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