Top-Ten Charitable Organizations in 2022

Charitable organizations provide the best avenues to give back to society or help those in need. However, some scammers pass themselves as charitable organizations. However, you do not have the time to verify whether a charity is legit or not. In that case, your next best option is to give your donations to any of the top global charities.

Below are the Top-Ten Charitable Organizations.

1. Malaria Consortium

Malaria Consortium is an international non-profit organization. It started operating in 2003, and it specializes in the prevention, control, and treatment of communicable diseases. It targets vulnerable populations, mostly in Africa and Asia.

2. Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative

It advocates for support and evaluates government-run schools based deworming programs. Deworming of children is done in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The organization has supported the delivery of 1.3 billion deworming treatments since 2014.

3. Hellen Keller International

It opened its doors in 1915 and has more than 120 programs in 20 countries around the world. It fights the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition. The foundation is aimed at improving the well-being of millions of children and vulnerable families.

4. SCI Foundation

It is a non-profit organization supporting governments in sub-Saharan African countries. It started operating in 2002. One round of treatment reduces up to 60% of parasitic worm infections. It promotes the development of sustainable, cost-effective programs against parasitic worm infections such as Schistosomiasis and intestinal worms.

5. Sightsavers

Sightsavers is an international non-government organization that works with partners in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness and promote equality for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. The organization has treated over 200 million people for blinding and potentially blinding conditions. It has done over 7 million operations to restore sight and trained almost 500,000 primary healthcare workers in eye care.

6. The End Fund

It manages grants, provides technical assistance, designs programs, and raises and directs philanthropic funding for controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases. Deworming is their priority program. 90 million people were treated in the year 2020, 3.46 million health workers have trained so far and 43,419 surgeries were performed since 2012.  

7. Give Directly

The organization fights poverty by sending money directly to people living in poverty. It has given over $500 million in the last decade. They have given $0.89 per donated dollar directly to the recipient since inception, delivered 92% transfers on time in 2021, and did a 99% follow-up in which they got feedback from almost every recipient in 2021.

8. Against Malaria Foundation

The organization has been in operation since is based in the United Kingdom and provides long-lasting insecticidal nets to high-risk populations in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. It is active in 36 countries, with a budget of over US $211 million. It has distributed over 97 million nets to protect 175 million people against malaria.

9. New Incentives

New Incentives is a non-governmental organization that operates in Nigeria, where it gives small cash incentives to get mothers to vaccinate their children. They aim to increase infantile vaccination through transfers, raising public awareness, and reducing the frequency of vaccine stockout.

10. Operation Eyesight Universal

Operation Eyesight Universal started its charity work in 1963. It is working to eliminate avoidable blindness and restore eyesight in developing countries.

Conclusion – Top Charity Organizations in 2022

All charitable organizations have a common purpose to alleviate human suffering. They are all non-profit, ensure productivity, and are focused on developing countries’ vulnerable populations.

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