How to Convert Scanned Document to PDF and Sign It

There are circumstances where you will want to convert a physical document into a digital file. This conversion can be achieved via scanning. As such, a physical document of any kind can be scanned using a scanner. Nowadays, this same action can be carried out using portable mobile devices with cameras.

Once a document is scanned, it can appear in several formats. An image is an example of such a document format. This article will describe to you how to convert a scanned document (an image) into a PDF file. In addition, it will highlight how to affix an electronic signature and then converted the document using the tools owned by

About a Scanned Document (Image)

An image of a physical document can be developed through scanning. Once scanned, the digital picture can appear as a raster. This form of an image file is more common as it is based on pixels, which allow for adjustment of resolution. Some common types of raster image types used include JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Although a vector type of image exists. This file type is usually never created after scanning. Furthermore, this kind of picture is mostly used to represent graphics.

About a PDF

An image can be converted into a PDF (Portable Document Format). You may want to do such a conversion, especially if you have text within your image. In addition, converting documents into PDF is preferred due to the advantages this file offers you. It is capable of containing different types of elements, which include images, text, and video. Similarly, it professionally presents information. It also allows for the direct filling of PDF forms or similar files.

Converting Scanned Document to PDF

Navigating to the homepage of lets you select the option for converting a scanned image to a PDF. You can select the option shown below.

Selecting Image to PDF

Selecting the option “Image To PDF” allows you to upload the image you want to convert to a PDF. Once you upload the document, you can begin the conversion process. The snapshot below shows how to convert the image to a PDF file.

Uploading Images

By clicking “Create And Save PDF,” the image is converted, saved, and downloaded as a PDF file. The newly converted PDF file can be uploaded onto the website for the signing process as shown below.

Selecting Sign and Fill PDF

Clicking on the highlighted option allows you to upload the PDF file as shown below.

Uploading PDF

After uploading the PDF file, the document appears like the image below.

Selecting Signature Options

In the image above, you can see some options highlighted. You will want to click the “Add signature” option. By doing this, you include a signature in four different options.

Adding a Signature

You can choose to draw, type, or load a signature from a file. If you have already created a signature, you can select it from the saved tab. The document will appear as follows after inserting the signatures.

Signed PDF

Next, click “Save as PDF” to save and download the signed PDF file. If you wish, you can open this signed document with a PDF viewer.

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