IRS - Form SS-4

All businesses need to be registered. In America, a unique identifier is used. It allows the IRS to identify an entity based on its taxes. A company that wishes to employ workers needs to fill and report an SS-4 form IRS. A filled SS-4 form PDF can be used for several purposes. Uses of the SS-4 Tax Form The primary purpose of an SS-4 document is to apply for an EIN (employer identification number). Similarly, investors and lenders usually ask for a company’s IRS SS-4 copy. Completing this document is easy as only basic information about a business is provided. This information allows the IRS to give an entity an EIN.

On the other hand, the EIN serves as a unique identifier assigned to a business. It is the institutional equivalent of a Social Security number (SSN). However, this number is issued to an entity, not as an identification card. While filling out an IRS SS-4 online application, a company must provide the following information.

  • Number of workers
  • Type of business
  • The type of taxes a company files returns for
  • Information about withholding taxes on the income of non-residents

A person may want to contact the IRS through the IRS SS-4 phone number. Contacting the IRS can make the IRS SS-4 application process easier for the applicant.

Fill & Sign IRS Form SS-4

Filing the SS-4 Form Online

To request SS-4 from IRS is not challenging. Form SS-4 is available on the IRS website. In addition, the entire process is simple and free. Therefore, do not fall for the trick of people that may want to take money for an SS-4 EIN online. Companies should also be careful who they give their copy of SS-4 form to. A business may choose to apply for an EIN physically. Therefore, a business owner needs to print out and complete the IRS form SS-4 online. After completing the form, the person can send it to the IRS via mail or fax. Once they receive this number, they can use it for managing accounts and other critical aspects of their business. Some information is included while applying for the EIN SS-4 via the internet or physically. This information includes:

  • Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

The person(s) that provides their information while they file SS-4 online are considered responsible by the IRS. The grantors, principal officers, or owners are expected to provide these details. This information must always be relevant and recent all the time. Therefore, a business must update the information on the EIN by filing Form 8822-B.

Filling out SS-4 Form

As a 1-page document, filing this tax form is simple. The nature of a business determines what is included in the form. Some of the information provided on the form include the following.

  • Business structure;
  • Address and names of the business;
  • Name, responsibility, and personal details of the filler;
  • Business date of creation;
  • Justification for applying for the EIN;
  • Number of workers in the business;
  • The types of goods or services provided by the business.

Fill & Sign IRS Form SS-4

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