IRS - Form 1099-DIV

Form 1099 represents a group of IRS tax forms that document payments by businesses and individuals. There are many different variations of this form. In addition, each tax document is used to report a separate taxable income. 1098 DIV is one such tax form that belongs to the group of 1099 forms.

What is the 1099 DIV Tax Form

The 1099 dividend form is an IRS document that financial institutions like banks send to investors after sending out distributions and dividends in any given tax year. Therefore, a taxpayer that makes multiple investments in different banks will receive various 1099 DIV forms. Below are examples of 1099 from various financial institutions.

  • 1099 DIV Fidelity – from Fidelity Investments
  • Edward Jones 1099 DIV – from Edward Jones Investments
  • Publix 1099 DIV – from Publix Supermarket

On the other hand, various tax preparation agencies make doing taxes easy. 1099 DIV H&R Block is one such agency that performs tax preparations.

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Filing 1099 DIV

Not much has changed in the general layout of this form. The 2021 version has a similar design to the 1099 DIV 2020. Therefore, an investor in a financial institution will receive 2020 1099DIV equivalent from one or more businesses if they receive at least $10.1 in dividends from any company. An investor will have to have 1099 qualified dividends, ordinary shares, or capital gains to receive this document. Likewise, a company must send a document copy to the IRS.

Investors usually receive the form by the 31st of January annually. Therefore, most taxpayers received their IRS 1099 DIV form 2020 on or before the 31st of January 2021. The information collected from different 1099 DIV forms is reported in form 1040 under schedule B. You may search for the 1099 DIV sample for more details. A taxpayer can file their efile 1099 DIV online. In addition, 1099 DIV turbo tax can be used when reporting file 1099 DIV Online.

DIV 1099 consists of three copies, which are Copy A and two Copy B copies. Copy A is for information. Therefore, the recipient does not have to print it. The first Copy B document still goes to the recipient and can be printed. The other Copy B document must be submitted to the government tax office. In addition, there is a schedule B document that needs to be filled if a taxpayer receives an excess of $1,500 interest that is taxable. Once completed, the schedule B document must be attached to the 1040 tax form.

Information on a 1099 DIV Taxes

A 1099 DIV document usually contains a lot of information. Some of these details are highlighted below.

  • Taxpayer’s full name.
  • Taxpayer's address, city, state, ZIP code, and foreign address if required.
  • Payer’s TIN.
  • Recipient’s TIN.
  • Account number if required.
  • Information about dividends.
  • Capital gain distribution.
  • Non-dividend distributions.
  • Withheld federal and state Income Tax.

Fill & Sign IRS Form 1099-DIV

If You Don't Receive the 1099 DIV Tax Form

A person may not always receive their tax document even if they qualify. If you do not receive the 1099 DIV, you should directly contact your financial institution.

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