How to Fill and Sign IRS Forms

Paying your taxes is an essential duty every citizen must do. This process usually involves filling and filing tax documents to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). On the other hand, the IRS is the Federal Government agency responsible for tax collection across the US and in states like Califonia.

The IRS has several forms. Depending on the type of taxpayer, some files are meant for individuals, organizations, or foreigners.

History of the IRS

The IRS can be traced to the time of President Abraham Lincoln. He created an  Internal Revenue commissioner tasked with the job of collecting taxes to pay for the expenditure of the American Civil War. However, this effort was short-lived as the entire system was deemed unconstitutional by the apex court after the war. The IRS fully came into existence in 1913, when its law of established in the constitution. Since then, the IRS has undergone various transformations to what it is today.

Now, the IRS is responsible for the management and collection of taxes for the Federal government.

Filling an IRS Form

Different tax forms have varying filing requirements. However, there is a general guideline that most IRS forms adhere to. Therefore, you will likely provide some basic information regardless of the type of form you fill. Below are some of the basic requirements of an IRS form.

  • The full legal name of the taxpayer
  • The full legal name of the spouse of the taxpayer
  • The SSNs (Social Security Numbers) of the taxpayer and their spouse
  • The home address and the town of residence of the taxpayer
  • The zip code of the home address
  • Foreign country name of the taxpayer, if applicable
  • Foreign country address of the taxpayer, if applicable
  • Information about deductions
  • Information about dependents
  • Information about refund

Other information you may need to provide on an IRS form depends on the type of form. For example, the tax form, which relates to student tuition will require different information. Similarly, some IRS documents are transcripts given to you by a business. In such cases, you do not need to provide any information. However, you may require such transcripts to fill out other forms.

The process of completing an IRS form can be done manually or electronically. In either case, you will need to affix a signature to any form you fill in to validate it.

Filling and Signing IRS Forms has a collection of IRS forms for you to select and fill.

You can access these forms by clicking the “Sign and Fill PDF” option on the homepage of the document. You will find the following options below. Forms

There are 20 IRS forms for you to select from. When you click on any of the IRS forms, the form will automatically open to allow you to fill and sign the document. Sign Forms

The options highlighted in red will allow you to fill out the document. Considering the tools from left to right, you can add the following.

  • Signature;
  • Text;
  • Image;
  • Checkmark;
  • Crossmark;
  • Radio button.

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