Advantages of Sending PDF over Word Doc to Your Clients

Since the creation of the PDF file, its use has gradually increased. In particular, businesses and institutions prefer to use it due to its professional outlook. It also has several other advantages over a word document. If you are thinking of using a PDF or a word document to communicate with clients, below are reasons to select a PDF.


A PDF file is made with compatibility in mind. Therefore, this document can easily be viewed using a wide range of applications that display information. Examples of applications that support PDF files include:

  • Internet browsers;
  • PDF viewers;
  • Image viewers;
  • Mail exchange viewers.

On the other hand, a PDF document is not operating system specific. Thus, you can view it across all the major operating systems, which include macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It is also compatible with smart devices like iPhones and Android devices.

The biggest limitation of a word document is that it can only be opened by a handful of applications. Since most clients start viewing documents on their mobile phones, it may be counterproductive to send information on a word document to them since they may need to send it to their computer to view it. Whereas, sending a PDF file gives a client the flexibility to view the contents of a file irrespective of the device they are using.

Consistent Formatting

A word document may appear nicely on your computer. Yet, you cannot guarantee it will look the same once it gets to your client. The reason for this is that a customer may have a different version of the word processor then you use. when this happens, there may be a case of version incompatibility that leads to distortion of formatting.

To prevent this issue, you should avoid using a word document for communication purposes. Instead, prioritize using a PDF file since it has almost no formatting issues. In addition, a PDF document appears the same across all devices irrespective of the brand or screen size. The only difference is that your client may have to zoom in to see the content if they are using a smaller screen.

Better Security

There are some communications you want only your client to see. Examples of such include business and financial details. If you present such details on a word document, the details in the file will be compromised once the communication leaks.

However, using a PDF for communicating increases security as long as you implement the right security layers. As such, you may want to include a password, watermarking, and tracking to protect your PDF file. In some cases, you can add an expiry date that deletes the file after some time. Alternatively, you may include a self-destruct option to erase the file when detected in the wrong hands.


A PDF file is a document type that can take different data types. It can contain images, videos, slides, text, programming codes, hyperlinks, and vector graphics. This versatility makes it the go-to option for many business owners.

It is possible to include all these elements in a word document. However, the process of integrating these elements into the two files is different. Adding such elements to a word document can make it unstable. It can also make it slow to use. Furthermore, a client may not be able to view the content if they have an older version of a word processor.

On the other hand, your customers will not experience these problems with a PDF file. They can easily view and scroll through a PDF document regardless of what elements you include, which increases productivity.

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