Welcome to PDFLite.co!

100% free: no signups, no fees, no subscriptions, no charges. Plus 100% privacy for your files because no uploads at all and everything is processed right in your browser. Also available as free plugins for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Wait! Is it really free and secure here?

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Is it really 100% free?

Yes, absolutely! We've made these tools 100% free by design because we want to help casual users to avoid shady pdf websites with questinable privacy policies and shady subscriptions. That is why PDFLite.co is 100% free

How secure these tools?

They are 100% secure because:
  • Your files are not uploaded to the Internet;
  • Everything is processed right in your browser only using a special technology;
  • As a result, nobody can access your documents or data because they never leave your browser;
  • You can use these tools offline (by saving the page or using Chrome Plugin);

OK, but who is paying for this website?

This website is sponsored by PDF.co and On-Premise SDK tools projects that provide paid API (Application Programming Interface) platform for software developers and business automation experts.